The Bakery DAO is attempting something that has never been done before with content creation. We are putting ownership in the hands of the community. Each NFT membership represents access to the Bakery and all of its content, but tokenized. This incentivizes community members and researchers to contribute the best information possible.

NFT Memberships
The Bakery uses cryptographic signatures in order to determine valid members. By decoupling members from the underlying platform itself, we are able to integrate our NFTs across more than ten different applications.
Locked Content
Pastries can view special research and "locked content" posted by members on all of our integrations. Contribute your own information to the Bakery and get rewarded for it!
Pastries Are Keys
Unlock the entire community with a cute little pastry NFT. It is your ticket to the Bakery DAO. You can renew it, lend it, or even sell it on the secondary market!
peach croissant


You own this membership, not anyone else. This means you can use it on your own terms, and even build up your attested reputation by posting quality content on the site over time.

Recurring Subscriptions
Members can set up recurring memberships by approving a "KeyPurchaser" contract to spend an arbitrary amount of USDC. In the background, keepers scan for memberships close to expiration, and if approved, renews the NFT according to what was defined.
Gas Refunds
On every purchase of a Pastry NFT, a portion of gas is refunded to the user. Furthermore, tokens are minted back to the wallet as a reward for being an active contributor to the DAO. Not a fan? Just burn it within a specific timeframe and get an instant refund!
The Pastries


This is where you get all the alpha. The pastries are cooking up all the breadcrumbs and research from the community and laying them out here on their relevant pages. The catch? In order to view some of this content, visitors of the website must be holder of the Pastry NFTs, otherwise they will be directed to a paywall to continue to view the content.

Unlock Comments
Itching to leave a comment on one of the posts? Become a pastry and begin communicating with the Bakery!
Access Research
Pastries can view special research on the site, including breadcrumbs, alpha, and insights on the DeFi ecosystem.
Build Reputation
Contribute to research, reports, and more to build up reputation on your DAO profiles to get rewards!
chef hat


The Bakery Discord chat is our most active community group. It is an app where we all meet to discuss things going on in DeFi, and only users with the appropriate PastryNFTs are given the roles to see all channels. All you have to do to get verified is connect your Ethereum wallet, and you will be synced with the proper roles! We use Guild XYZ to do this.

Start Collaborating
The Bakery is the best way to team up with other pastries. We have many high quality developers, builders, and researchers in the community.
See Secret Channels
Verified pastries are given a role in the Discord, which grants them access to more than 40 channels!


Members of the Bakery can simply sign a transaction with their Ethereum address stored in private metadata for weekly updates from the Chefs delivered straight to their email.

DeFi Updates
The Chefs cook up the tastiest alpha in a monthly newsletter, that is sent out to all NFT holders who have opted for updates. This is fresh news and research just for pastries!
The Menu
Get unfiltered, direct access to interviews, analytics, updates, and even project reports on all things in the Ethereum ecosystem.


Each Pastry in the Bakery gets their own profile to post research reports and articles under, which can be customized in many different ways. Posts made by members appear directly on the site!

Drop Alpha
Help contribute to the Bakery with your Pastry NFT and begin posting alpha using our easy to use writing tool!
Featured Post
Have your own special article featured on the community section of the website, for all pastries to read.