Pastry NFTs

Memberships on Ethereum

Pastries are NFT memberships on Ethereum, Polygon, and Optimism. With a bit of web3 magic, these are given many unique capabilities. The Bakery uses them to grant special permissions across all of our integrations. Here, I will explain how you can get started in less than a minute!


If you do not have an Ethereum wallet, head over to Metamask or Trust Wallet to get one set up.


ETH will be required for gas upon purchase of the Pastry NFT. You will need to fund your Ethereum wallet with sufficient gas to proceed. A portion of gas spent will be refunded on every purchase.


Now that you have a Ethereum wallet funded, we can continue by clicking the "GET PASTRY" button below. The rest of the process will be explained more on the next page.

Pastry NFT

The Bakery DAO is putting ownership in the hands of the community. NFTs give users an active stake in the protocol, and help us provide exclusive DeFi research.

30-Day Pastry NFT