Welcome to the Bakery!

If you made it this far, congratulations! You are now a part of the most exclusive batch of pastries on Ethereum. Use the power wisely. This NFT can be used to access high-level DeFi research inside the Bakery. Pastries can be renewed at any time, and you can even lend the time to a friend on the secondary market!


The Pastry NFT opens up a whole new world of oppurtunities on all of the integrations. Visit any of the platforms discussed below to experience the magic!


This is where all of the pastries come together to discuss projects, ideas, and anything else relating to DeFi. Pastries unlock 40 channels inside of the chat.


Gain access to the hottest research in the Bakery, and make your own contributions under a DAO profile.


Become a part of the web3 Guild to get special perks inside of the ecosystem, with more to be announced here very soon...


Pastry NFTs can store arbitrary data in private token metadata specific to each user for exploring. This is how our newsletter is sent out to subscribers every month.


Do you want some DeFi Swag? The Bakery shop offers this and more. Pastries earn an automatic 25% of all items.

Pastry NFT

Now it is time to start cooking up... The Pastry NFTs have integrations with Discord, Discourse, Shopify, ENS, the Chefs Newsletter, Cloudflare, and many more applications!

Let's get this bread.